Wednesday, November 12, 2008


भूनायाकम्वा धनानायाकम्वा
भजन भुवंवा धनमेतिलोके
तद्विघ्ननाधम नभजामि किंतु
सहस्रसस्तम प्रणमामि नित्यम .

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

భూయో భూయో నమామ్యహం

ఆపదామప హర్తారం దాతారం సర్వ సంపదాం
లోకాభిరామం శ్రీరామం భూయోభూయో నమామ్యహం.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

శ్రీరామ దూత

మనోజవం మారుతతుల్యవేగం
జితేంద్రియం బుద్దిమతాంవరిష్టం
వాతాత్మజం వానరయూధముఖ్యమ్
శ్రీరామదూతం శిరసా నమామి.

స్వామి కృష్ణా నంద దివ్య జీ వన తత్త్వ చైతన్య కేంద్రము ,బి .దొడ్డవరము

swami krishna nanda devine life philosophy consciousness centre. B.DODDAVARAM dt.18-7-2009.

1)The only aim in the world is the knowledge of the SELF.

2] Dharma is God in action.

3] Wisdom is contrary to desire.

4]One is free to the extent of one"s knowledge.

5] Where there is duality there is fear.

6] The greatest friend of man is god.

7] Spiritual life is painful in the begining..

8] Discovering meaning behind life is philosophy.

9] Dexterity meaning execution and balance of mind is karmayoga.

౧౦}when god is manceases to be.

11}yoga is all detachment.

12}religian is sacrifice.

13} if you have enimies you can not make friendship with god..

ఆత్మ నియంత్రణ యే యోగము

నిజమైన యోగిని మనము ఎచటను గాంచ జాలము

నిశ్చలము , శాంతి యుతము ఐన జీ వనమే యోగము

యోగము అనగా నిజముగా జీవించే కళను అభ్యసించుటయే .

అర్హత లేనిది పొందుట అసాధ్యము .

swaami hansaananda address

swami hansananda

the devine life society,shivaananda nagar

tehri garwal dt,uttrakhand state,249192.


Discovery of meaning behind life is phylosophy

we cannot define Brahman

Swami krishnananda is a highly respected philosophical writer,especially on metaphysics,psychology and sociology.

swamiji"s bokoks are known world over as excllent presentations of answers to the questions that arise in the day to day problems of a human being.

swami je is a direct disciple of swamy sivananda,founder of devine life society

swamy krishna nanda was the general secretary from 1959 to 2001of the d.l,s

in the words of swamy sivananada ---krisnananda ji is a wonder to me. he has excelled me.he has excelled sankara,he has excelled Dakshina murty.

swmy krishnananda .. i have no questions.i dont have doubts of any kind. i never go and have DASRSAN of any one. i donot talk to any body .i am fully satisfied person. i donot go and see people- great man or small man. i want nothing from any one. by some mystery, i am satisfied . it is the blessing comes from swamy sivananda.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


agajaanana padmarkam


aneka dantam bhaktaanaam